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The current era and the globalization of businesses in the world have given the creation and promotion of a culture aligned towards the Business strategy that allows businesses to focus in a way more competitive to their principal activity.

"PAYROLL SERVICES GROUP" offers to the Enterprises the possibility of obtaining in an integrated form high quality services and substantial savings on the Human Capital field within México, that can be invested during the general development of the working force and a tool that has its objective to bring to the Enterprises a working flexibility to increase productivity and to achieve better competitiveness in the national and international markets.

The entire tax and legal matters in Labor issues that applies to all Businesses in MEXICO is and continues being very complex. This generates a high cost in the administration of Human Resources: Tax Specialists, Accountants, and Labor Lawyers and of course a PAYROLL area or department (the space, staff, equipment and office furniture, stationary, services, etc).

All of this is what we perform for less than what the client spends on its own.

Our organization provides to our clients the tranquility of delegate their administrative activities to us and eliminates the risk since we assume the responsibility.

We guarantee the immediate operation or the continuity of the existing one.

Our philosophy in PAYROLL SERVICES GROUP is that we are an organization with many years in the Business Market having the privilege of giving service and helping others.

We are aware of this fact and so we want to give the best of ourselves to our clients and the people who trust us with a work perspective.

For us a client is more than a Business.  A satisfied client is vital for us because they will do more for our name and image than any public media form.

The concepts and services that we offer to our clients guarantee the highest efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in the development of their activities because we already can count on a solid structure and proved service capacity.




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